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Posted by Rhiannon on 23rd October 2016

Ultimate Tips to Keep You & The Family Healthy over The Party Season |Raw Vegan & Transitioning

Delicious Health Stay healthy and happy this holiday season. I know how frustrating it can be to keep your health a priority through the holiday season. There is so much delicious tempting food around, social situations and expectations from society to indulge.Often out health goals get pushed back to ‘start in January’.And what about our children?The pressure parents

Posted by Rhiannon on 16th October 2016

This Spiritual Parenting Poem Will Melt Your Heart

It was early in the morning and the sun had only just risen.And that’s when I was hit by a wave of inspiration and my head filled with beautiful words, and this poem came to be. This is not the first time my mind has been struck with inspiration. It happens often.The last time it happened was

Posted by Rhiannon on 12th July 2016

The Fully Online Happiness Course for Kids & Families HAS ARRIVED!

Kids & Family Online Happiness Programme Mindfulness * Forgiveness * Lovableness * Openness * Self Acceptance * Gratitude * Grounding * Trust * Empowerment * Following your Heart * Passion *The Gift of Giving Following the success of the group sessions of The Kids & Family Happiness Programme, comes the online version on PDF! I am so excited

Posted by Rhiannon on 25th June 2016

The Incredible Raw Vegan Carrot Cake | Overt Fat Free Recipe

Beautiful Raw Vegan Carrot Cake A delicious mix of fresh and dried raw vegan ingredients, packed with flavour and overt fat free!! It was my daughters 5th birthday earlier this week.There was well over 50 children she wanted to invite to her party (not bad for a home ed-er, eh?)So instead of trying to cram loads of

Posted by Rhiannon on 9th June 2016

Incredible Blueberry Fudge Cake |Raw Vegan, Low fat RECIPE!

Delicious Blueberry fudge cake! It’s raw, it’s vegan, its low fat… and it’s delicious!! These moments are inevitable… -You know the ones, where you are committed to your way of healthy eating and a social obligation to make or eat cake comes up. If your lifestyle of choice is a low fat raw vegan one, like mine, then I