Delicious Blueberry fudge cake!


It's raw, it's vegan, its low fat... and it's delicious!!

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These moments are inevitable...

-You know the ones, where you are committed to your way of healthy eating and a social obligation to make or eat cake comes up.


If your lifestyle of choice is a low fat raw vegan one, like mine, then I hope this recipe is there for you in this moment!


When this moment came up for me, it was my first birthday as a raw vegan I looked around for raw cake recipes.
The problem was they all contained lots of fats. Things like nuts, seeds, and coconut oil.
And while these can be healthful ingredients in relation to other foods, they are not something I chose to consume on my lifestyle.
I opt for a high carbohydrate, low fat style of raw food eating.
So these Raw Gourmet recipes were just no good for my health goals.


I also pay attention to my food combinations. Like if I were to have a fat, I wouldn't consume them with a sweet fruit like dates, as this would likely cause digestive issues.
(I have a very sensitive digestive system, which is something I am overcoming with this lifestyle.)


And so, after finding no cake recipe which fit my dietary specifications, I decided to just make my own.
And here it is...

Ingredients you'll need:

2 Cups of black or white dried Mulberries (I used one cup of black and one cup of white)
5 ripe bananas,
3 generous tablespoons of carob powder,
28 soft sticky dates (I use the Persian Sun Dates),
350g of frozen blueberries,
a touch of water or coconut water,

Equipment you'll need:

A blender,
A food processor,
A deep dish cake tin(I recommend using one which opens at the side of the pan to make the cake easier to remove). My dish was 21cm across and 8cm deep.


For the Crust:

Mix the mulberries with 15 of the soft sticky dates in a food processor.
Use this sticky, chewy mixture to line the bottom of a deep dish pan. 


For the filling:

Use the blender to blend the bananas, carob powder and about 260g of the frozen blueberries with 3 dates (add a touch of water or coconut water if you need to to get it to blend).
Make sure you save some of the blueberries for decorating at the end.

Then pour this into the tin over the crust.


For Decoration:

Cut the remaining dates into chunks and push them into the filling for yummy chewy bits and add more whole blueberries.
The blueberries inside the cake make a really cool effect that makes it kind of look like space and planets!
Then sprinkle more whole blueberries on top.

Freeze for around 8 hours or over night.



12140645_617883121686597_4578361552721757360_nIt can be eaten straight from frozen or left to defrost for 30 mins to an hour before eating.

In my opinion I like it defrosted close to the hour as it was softer and creamier.

So there you go!
A simple, delicious raw vegan cake make with just fruit and a sweet pod (the carob).

I hope you enjoy this cake as much as me and my family did!

I really like fruit.

Love Rhiannon xx

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      1. 4th year begins in 2 weeks for me.I don’t think you should feel guilty for going out instead of doing work. I used to feel like that but I’ve come to realise that you need to have fun and as long as you’re enjoying yourself and having a little break you sh;2ldn&#8u17ot feel guilty. Time spent laughing and catching up with friends and making you happy is not wasteful at all. []

  1. Thanks for the great recipe! I have been ordering Egg Drop Soup the past few times I've had Chinese food deielervd, and I would love to attempt a version at home.

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