Coached Inner Work Course

The incredibly deep & reflect Inner Work Course as a fun and fully Coached Online Individual Course!

I'm so excited to bring you all the inner work techniques which I personally used (and still use!) to heal my relationship with myself and the world around me;
all as one profound and powerful course!


With this course you will be given support and guidance on:

  • how to gain back your self confidence and belief in yourself,
  • how to heal pain of the past,
  • how to break the cycle of self sabotaging behavior and self abuse,
  • gaining awareness of your feelings and behaviors
  • help with overcoming depression
  • help with overcoming eating disorders
  • help with overcoming anxiety and stress
  • learning to become your friend again and finding self love,
  • learning how to stand up for yourself
  • becoming your true self.
  • rediscovering the how magical life can be!
  • letting go of fears,
  • becoming more mindful & able to appreciate and harness the power of now,
  • learning how to forgive yourself and overcome the inner critical voice,
  • how you are always lovable and loved,
  • how to trust yourself again,
  • how to feel connected,
  • how to heal your relationship with your inner child,
  • how to love & accept yourself,
  • how to follow your heart
  • how to discover your passion,
    And so much more!

The 12 weeks of the course are:

Week 1: Tapping - Learning about  the powerful Emotional Freedom Technique which reduces anxiety and releases emotional blocks.
Week 2: Mindfulness- Learning about being in the present, the power of now and how to increase your awareness.

Week 3:Forgiveness- Learning to release the past, to find peace.
Week 4: Inner child Healing- Resolve issues of the past. Learn that you are always lovable.
Week 5: Openness- Learning that life loves you and to be open to the gifts of life.
Week 6: Self love- Learning to love and accept yourself exactly as you are.
Week 7: Gratitude- Learning to see the beauty and be grateful for all that is around us.
Week 8: Grounding- Learning that you are safe and secure and how to connect.
Week 9: Trust (Empowerment)- Learning how to trust life and yourself.
Week 10: Following your Heart- Learning how to get back in touch with your true hearts desires.
Week 11: Finding your Purpose- Helping you to find your passion and follow your dreams.
Week 12: The Gift Of Giving- Spreading you're new harnessed love and happiness outward to the world with kindness and giving. 

Coached Course Set-up & Benefits:

  • This course is sent directly to your email either with each section sent weekly or fortnightly, or you can choose to have the whole course sent over to you in one lot to do completely as you wish,
  • a full 1 hour video/audio guidance coaching session with me each week of the course to guide you through and help you trouble shoot and work through any issues you have.
  • no need to search a group for the course information as each course videos and timings are sent straight to your email as arranged with you!
  • get the privacy and freedom of learning individually, yet with even more personal guidance and focused attention from me weekly!
  • each section of the course comes with an (up to) 1 hour video of me discussing the sections subject, my experience with it & outlining what techniques and practices I wish you to do that week.
  • along with the video, I also post a list of key timings for the video to help you navigate you through them, this helps you easily keep track and re-visit the information if you need to!
  • get my undivided attention during our weekly sessions to really help you get the absolute most out of the course and the best chance of succeeding on the raw food lifestyle!

Want to know more?

For more information on what the course entails, Check out the Inner Work Course Video Introduction below!

Want to see what the sections look like?

Here's the section 5 (one of the shortest sections) of the course available for you to view for Free!


Inner Work for Raw Foodists

I created this course with raw foodists in mind.
When we come to a raw food lifestyle, the food is much lighter and emotions are not able to be numbed with food.
This brings up lots of painful emotions that can be difficult for some to cope with.
Often many people will not be unsuccessful at the raw food lifestyle because they become desperate for cooked food just to suppress these feelings. And the cycle of self sabotage continues.

This is where my inner work course helps,
it takes you step by step through all the different techniques I personally used to not only cope with these emotions, but to overcome them!
I arranged the sections into the most efficient order, so that each practice you do supports the next.
This means you can get the most out of what I learnt in over 2 years of intense research and practice in only 12 weeks!

Although I designed this course with raw foodists in mind, this course is focused on emotional healing and personal self development and so can be used by anyone seeking to love themselves and be free of the pain of the past!

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Want to chat about it?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have!
You are welcome to message me on my email or any of my social media pages,
or even schedule yourself in for a 20min phone call with me where we can discuss your situation,
exactly what the course entails and how I can help you!


This course explains why Rhiannon is such a wonderful kind loving person, and for that I am hugely grateful that she has given other people the chance to learn and grow too!!
I highly recommend the course to anybody!

Shelly B, Inner Work Course Participant 2017