Coached Kids Happiness Course

The incredibly unique & inspirational Kids Happiness Course as a fun and interactive Online Coached Course for the parents/guardians!

I'm so excited to bring you all the Kids Happiness Programme as an interactive online course! 
This programme is an adaption of the adults Inner Work Course made into age appropriate exercises, fun worksheets and inspirational videos for the children to watch and do! 


This programme is designed to help children and families:

  • build bonds and understand each other
  • build confidence and self esteem
  • learn how to cope with anxiety
  • learn self acceptance
  • build a positive outlook on life
  • to overcome painful emotions or issues of the past
  • become more in tune with themselves and the world around them
  • To be more grateful of each experience
  • to be open to opportunities and new experiences

The sessions are as follows:

Week 1: Mindfulness- Learning about being in the present.

Week 2:Forgiveness- Learning to release the past.
Week 3: Lovable- Learn that you are always lovable.
Week 4: Openness- Learning to be open to the gifts of life.
Week 5: Self love- Learning to love and accept yourself exactly as you are.
Week 6: Gratitude- Learning to see the beauty and be grateful for all that is around us.
Week 7: Grounding- Learning that you are safe and secure and how to connect.
Week 8: Trust- Learning how to trust life and yourself through empowerment.
Week 9: Following your heart- Learning how to get back in touch with yourself.
Week 10: Passion- Learn about yourself and what you love.
Week 11: The Gift Of Giving Spreading happiness and love with random acts of kindness.


For each session you receive a new worksheet, positive affirmation, inspirational kids video (coming soon) & a worksheet guide (for the adults).
The affirmation is for you and your child to say each morning to get you in the mind frame for the daily exercise and help create positive belief systems.
The worksheets have an explanation of what the week is teaching, games to help the children understand the concepts and exercises for the children to fill in and do.

There will also be an inspirational video for your child to watch, to see other children taking part in the exercises.

There are also daily exercises to do and these are quick and often can just be done alongside your normal day.
Either write out or print off the weeks affirmation as you go so at the end of the course you have a list of 11 affirmations to remind you of that week and what you learnt.

Coached Course Set-up & Benefits:

  • This course is sent directly to your email either with each section sent weekly or fortnightly, or you can choose to have the whole course sent over to you in one lot to do completely as you wish,
  • access to personal interaction with me over video/audio/written messages, up to twice a week over a few hours, this gives you opportunity to speak with me about any questions or problems that come up during the course,
  • no need to search a group for the course information as each course videos and timings are sent straight to your email as arranged with you!
  • get the privacy and freedom of learning individually, yet with even more personal guidance and focused attention from me weekly!
  • each section of the course comes with a kids worksheet PDF, a adult worksheet guide PDF  inspirational videos for the kids to watch (coming soon). Some sections have additional sheets to go with the worksheets PDFs.
  • a full 30 minute or 1 hour video/audio guidance coaching session with me each week of the course to guide you through and help you trouble shoot and work through any issues you have.
  • no need to search a group for the course information as each course videos and timings are sent straight to your email as arranged with you!
  • get the privacy and freedom of learning individually, yet with even more personal guidance and focused attention from me weekly!
  • get my undivided attention during our weekly sessions to really help you get the absolute most out of the course!

Want to see what you can expect from each Section?

Here is the first section's Worksheet, Worksheet Guide & Affirmation for you to view!

Sign up now and get the whole course for only
£250 (30 min sessions)
£500 (1 hour session)

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Want to chat about it?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have!
You are welcome to message me on my email or any of my social media pages,
or even schedule yourself in for a 20min phone call with me where we can discuss your situation,
exactly what the course entails and how I can help you!



The group has brought understanding and closeness between the family as a whole. 
We have established good relationships which I am optimistic will last a lifetime.

Laura M, Kids Happiness Programme, Workshop Participant 2017