Raw Food Group Course

Join me on my amazing new 7 week online group course in Raw Food basics!

I'm so excited to bring you my Raw Course in this fun and supportive group setting!
Share your journey, get support & make friends!
All whilst learning how to bring more healthy and vibrant fruits and vegetables into your world!

Group Course Dates 2018
15th January - 4th March
4th June - 22nd July
1st October - 18th November

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This Course teaches you:

  • how to pick amazing, ripe, high quality fruits and vegetables with a 48 page fruit guide included in the course,
  • how to combine fruits and other raw foods correctly for great digestion,
  • how to incorporate raw fruits and vegetables into your current lifestyle,
  • how to make the perfect smoothie every time,
  • how to make the perfect raw sauce & salad,
  • how to have amazing energy on a raw lifestyle,
  • how to feel satisfied on raw,
  • how to transition over to a raw lifestyle whist feeling great, with ease and successfully,
  • raw options and recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners & snacks,
  • lifestyle factors to support health and which make going raw easier,
  • what vegetables support a raw lifestyle,
  • what ideas for setting up a morning routine for a great start to eat day!

Group Course Set-up & Benefits:

  • This course is done in a community setting in a Facebook group,
  • access to a group of other like-minded individuals who are on a similar path of learning to you, this gives you the opportunity to connect to, ask questions and share your experience and journey with throughout the course,
  • each section of the course comes with a detailed written PDF (ranging from 13 - 59 pages long each) and a 20min -1 hour video of me going through the PDF with you,
  • each PDF and video is posted into the Facebook group each Monday of the course for you to download or watch.
  • each Friday of the course I will be live in the group for a Question & Answer session (Q&A) with you, this gives you the opportunity to get guidance from me, and have me answer and address any questions  or issues for you,

Want to know more?

More details and to see what each section of the course entails, please check out the course Introduction PDF and/or the video, found below!

Want to see what the sections look like?

Here's the section 1 PDF of the course for you to view for free! 

When does the next group start?

Below is a list of the course start and finish dates for you to see when the next Raw Group Course will be!

2018 Online Group Course Dates

15th January - 4th March
4th June - 22nd July
1st October - 18th November

If you wish to take part in the full course and to join one of the coaching groups, then simply contact me or ask to join the Facebook group,
Make sure you message me on Facebook through my Happy on Fruit page
to let me know you wish to join!
From there I will arrange payment with you (done safely over PayPal) and add you to the group!
The full cost of this course is only £45 per person!

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Don't want to wait to get started on your journey?

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Want help with the emotional side of Raw too?

Upgrade this course to the 'Healthy Body Healthy Mind' Course Package
and get the Group Raw Food Course + Group Inner Work Course
from only £80!  Save £10!

Want help with the emotional and parenting side of life too?

Upgrade this course to the 'Healthy Parents Healthy Kids' Course Package
and get the Group Raw Food Course + Group Inner Work Course + Group Kids Happiness Course
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Want to chat about it?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have!
You are welcome to message me on my email or any of my social media pages,
or even schedule yourself in for a 20min phone call with me where we can discuss your situation,
exactly what the course entails and how I can help you!


 I loved her experience, enthusiasm and lovely nature and looked forward to each new week.
I would highly recommend her course for people who are thinking about or starting their raw food journey!

Gil M. Raw Food Course Participant 2017