Kids Happiness Programme

Developed from 'The Happiness Programme' comes a fun and interactive version for children and families!


This programme is designed to help children and families:

  • build bonds and understand each other
  • build confidence and self esteem
  • learn how to cope with anxiety
  • learn self acceptance
  • build a positive outlook on life
  • to overcome painful emotions or issues of the past
  • become more in tune with themselves and the world around them
  • To be more grateful of each experience
  • to be open to opportunities and new experiences

The sessions are as follows:

Week 1: Mindfulness- Learning about being in the present.
Week 2:Forgiveness- Learning to release the past.
Week 3: Lovable- Learn that you are always lovable.
Week 4: Openness- Learning to be open to the gifts of life.
Week 5: Self love- Learning to love and accept yourself exactly as you are.
Week 6: Gratitude- Learning to see the beauty and be grateful for all that is around us.
Week 7: Grounding- Learning that you are safe and secure and how to connect.
Week 8: Trust- Learning how to trust life and yourself through empowerment.
Week 9: Following your heart- Learning how to get back in touch with yourself.
Week 10: Passion- Learn about yourself and what you love.
Week 11: The Gift Of Giving Spreading happiness and love with random acts of kindness.


For each session there is a new worksheet and affirmation.
The affirmation is for you and your child to say each morning to get you in the mind frame for the daily exercise and help create positive belief systems.
The worksheets have an explanation of what the week is teaching, games to help the children understand the concepts and exercises for the children to fill in and do.
There is also daily exercises to do and these are quick and often can just be done alongside your normal day.
Either write out or print off the weeks affirmation as you go so at the end of the course you have a list of 11 affirmations to remind you of that week and what you learnt.

See what the course is like!
I want to show you what you can expect from the course.
Below is the Mindfulness Worksheet, Parental Guide and Mindfulness Affirmation.
This is what you will be sent for section 1 of the course.



I have combined all the inner work which has helped me transform my life with my gentle and playful style of parenting to bring a unique course for children and families to do together.
I have already helped many families gain confidence and happiness and I would be honored to help yours too.


Cost and Logistics.


These are 3 main ways I offer this course:Drawing (9)Firstly I teach the sessions in person in groups with children and families. This is great as the children get to do the session exercises and play the games with other children. There is a really lovely community feel where families can meet like minded people and go on the journey together.
The cost of this session is £5 per person attending per session for a local home educators group.
These sessions are currently held in Hertfordshire UK.Drawing (9)I also offer personal sessions with families in the privacy of their own home. This is particularly helpful with older children who may not want to share their journey with others or if you can't get to the group sessions.
Personal coaching is £50* per session.
*This is dependent on your location and excludes travel costs.Drawing (9)Thirdly I offer this programme as an online course via email.
You choose how often you would like the documents sent to you (Ie: on a weekly/fortnightly basis). 
For each section of the course I send you over the worksheet, the new affirmation and a guardian/parents guide to the section and worksheets, plus any additional exercise sheets that may come with that particular section. These are for you to print off.
I am always at hand too to email or message if you have any questions or would like help with anything on this course.
The total cost of this course is £45 (works out as only around than £4 per section!).
Check out the blog post on The Online Course!

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