Parenting Guidance

Are you fed up of your children not listening to you or respecting you?
Are you tired of shouting and losing your temper?
Do you feel like you and your child are drifting apart?
Do you want to bring back the joy to your family?
These are just a few of the issues I could help you with, with this coaching service!


With this service you get my intense one on one guidance in:

  • How to manage challenging behavior.
  • How to develop a gentle, attachment style of parenting.
  • How to manage a child's behaviors without punishments or crying it out.
  • How to reconnect and build a strong relationship with a challenging or distant child.
  • How to build up a child's self esteem.
  • How to bring back the joy in your family.
  • How to handle difficult situations with love and patience.
  • How to become a strong role model for your child and why this is so helpful.
  • How to encourage children to cooperate.
  • How to teach a child to be empathetic.
  • How to be empathetic and understand your children.
  • How to reduce anxiety and make children feel safe.
  • How to help children connect to the world.
  • How to help children be more mindful, to forgive, to be grateful, to be calm, to be loving and kind.
  • How to bring more fresh fruits and vegetables into your child's diet.
  • And so much more!

If you have any specific parenting issues then please contact me for a free 30 minute voice or video call to discuss your individual situation and see how I could help!

What is it like to be coached by me?

I'd first like to say that I pride myself on being real.
I understand that no parent will ever act the way they wish to all the time. That we all, even myself, make 'mistakes' a lot. And I approach issues without judgment.
I am empathetic, patient, hardworking and caring; with a touch of humor (where appropriate).
I will always do my best to help you achieve your goals.
And I will always give you my all. 



My personal coaching begins with a free 30 minute voice or video call.

This is where we discuss your individual situation, the issues you are having and how exactly I can help.
If you decide you would like me to work with you, we then find a time and frequency of coaching that work best for you!
Usually people I work with have sessions twice a week, weekly or fortnightly. And we find a frequency which is best suited to you.
We can also go over any payment plans to help you manage costs.


In the time leading up to our first session I begin making notes on how I am going to help you, and a plan for you to improve your situation.
I will also create a coaching agreement which goes over all the logistics that we have agreed upon, and I get it sent to you before our first session.

During our first session we dive deeper into the roots of the issues you are facing, and build up a really clear picture of your individual situation.
I will also reveal the direction our coaching sessions will go in and what you can expect from the upcoming sessions.  We discuss ideas, practices and exercises for you to begin implementing into your life.


Within 24 hours, following each session, you will receive a detailed write up of that coaching session.
This will include details of all the issues we are to address for your personal records, the plan of our following sessions, what I want you to do from then and details of any helpful books, videos or resources. Plus I write up anything we discussed in the session; so you have a hard copy of all the information I gave you.

I then go off after we have spoken, and do continued research and notes for you, ready for our next session.


I am also available between sessions to contact with any issues that come up, so you never feel alone or unsupported.

When you take me up as your coach, I go above and beyond to help you succeed.
I do not just work for you during the 1 hour sessions; I spend hours and hours between sessions thinking about your situation, taking it on as if it was my own, and comprising plans, recipes, write ups, research and whatever is needed to help you succeed!

I really want you to achieve your goals and live the healthy and happy life you and your family deserve.
And I'd be honored to help you get there.


See examples of the way I approach parenting issues with the video below:


The cost per 1 hour session is usually £100.
Amazing 1/2 price Coaching & Course offer currently available for this Coaching Service!
So cost is now only £50 per session, for a limited time only!

Sessions are to be bought and paid for upfront in blocks of 5 minimum.
(I am also happy to set up payment plans for individual circumstances.) 


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"The happiness workshops with Rhiannon have been brilliant for my 10 year old son, and for me too!
The atmosphere is always so relaxed and friendly, and over the last few weeks he's really come out of his shell and developed a sense of self awareness...."
- Alma s. Kids Happiness Workshop Client