Raw Food Lifestyle coaching

If you are interested in learning more about the raw food lifestyle that has healed and transformed my body and life, then this is the service for you!

With this service you get my one on one guidance on:

  • how to include raw foods into your daily life,
  • how to pick and find high quality ripe fruit,
  • how to get rid of cooked food cravings,
  • personalised recipes and meal plans to suit your situation and preferences,
  • help and support with overcoming eating disorders,
  • improving children's diets
  • how to get off junk food,
  • how to make the raw lifestyle affordable,
  • customised advice to help you in your individual circumstance,
  • my undivided attention during sessions to ask me questions and discuss matters,
  • my love and support through your journey,
  • help and advice with weight-loss,
  • general life support with matters outside of raw food too.

It doesn't matter where you are starting from in your journey.
Whether you are almost fully raw or if you just want to master a lifestyle including lots of fresh fruits and veggies,
then I may be able to help you!



Personal coaching is usually £100 per session.
Amazing 1/2 price Coaching & Course offer currently on!
So cost in now £50 per session, for a limited time only!
I am also happy to set up payment plans for individual circumstances.

Sessions are to be bought and paid for upfront in blocks of 5 minimum.


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