The Raw Food Course

Like each beautiful fruit, we are all different.

So here are a few options, so that you can take part in the Raw Food Course in a way best suited to you!

The Group Course

Take part in the course in an online community setting, via a group setting on Facebook.
Each section has a video and written PDF posted weekly into the group. 

This course has specific scheduled start and finish dates.
It comes with weekly live video Q&A's with me, plus it comes with it's own support group of like-minded individuals for you to share your journey with and connect to!
£45 per person .

Group Course Dates 2018
15th January - 4th March
4th June - 22nd July
1st October - 18th November

The Individual Course

Learn and go at your own pace with the individual course!
There's no need to wait for a course date, we can start whenever you're ready!

Receive all the course material, including videos and written documents, sent straight to you, via email.
Plus, you get weekly scheduled personal interaction with me online over messages.
This is for you to get personal support and guidance from me throughout the course.
So although this option is more 
independent, you never feel alone.
£55 per person .

The Coached Course

For the time and freedom to alter and personalise the course to suit you!
This option is for those who want a deeper and more personal interaction with me throughout the course.
This allows you to get the absolute most out of the course as you possibly can!

Get all the course videos and information sent individually to you via email.
No course dates to wait for, so you can start whenever you're ready and go at a pace that suits you!
Get weekly  sessions with me each week to guide you through the course and to discuss ways we can help you in your individual situation.
Comes with a FREE 30 min consultation!
£150 per person (30 min sessions)
£300 per person (1 hour sessions)

Want even more tailor made and personal help with raw food?

Check out my personal coaching service!
Designed for those who'd like the ultimate custom-made and tuned in raw food guidance.

Want to chat about it?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have!
You are welcome to message me on any of my social media pages,
or even schedule yourself in for a 20min phone call with me where we can discuss your situation,
exactly what the course entails and how I can help you!


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