It is such an honor and a blessing be invited into peoples lives to help them.
I am so grateful to be able to guide others onto a happier path.
To help them to see their own beauty, strength and power.
We are all so incredible with more potential than we realise.
Each with our own unique gifts, perspectives and intelligence.
We are all amazing and its an honor to help people see it.

- Rhiannon Griffin, Happy on Fruit


I would like to say a huge "Thank you!!" to everyone who took the time to write me a testimonial.
I wish you all the love and happiness in the world as you go on in your journey through life.

The Raw Food Course

Rhiannon helped me by giving me all the information I needed to start eating raw, on her raw food course. The result was me knowing about how to have the knowledge to shop for the right type of fruit and veg, and how and when to eat it, so that my body would be nourished. I loved her experience, enthusiasm and lovely nature and looked forward to each new week I would highly recommend her course for people who are thinking about or starting their raw food journey
-Gil M, Participant of The Raw Course 2017

The Inner Work Course

My Happiness Programme with Rhiannon was really surprising, to be honest I was very skeptical about whether or not the course would change the way I feel. I was really shocked by the huge impact it has had on me and how I deal with various situations. I am so much more resistant to stress now and much kinder to myself. The course really made me look deeply into the way I thought and my whole outlook on life. Rhiannon is so inspiring and always takes time to answer any questions. If anyone is thinking about signing up for coaching I would certainly recommend it and I will forever be grateful for the positive impact Rhiannon has had on my life!
-Sophie G, Participant of The Coached Inner Work Course 2016

Rhiannons Inner Emotional Healing Course is truly special and unique.
She offers weekly videos on amazing helpful subjects that you can incorporate into your own life,you can use these tools to help build inner strength and heal within.
Rhiannon is super friendly and supportive and if there is anything you need anything at all during your healing course she is there. I personally have loved doing this course using techniques to help my self on the path to betterment. this course explains why Rhiannon is such a wonderful kind loving person, and for that I am hugely grateful that she has given other people the chance to learn and grow too!!i highly recommend the course to anybody!

-Shelly B, Participant of The Group Inner Work Course 2017

Rhiannon is such a kind and beautiful soul.
She has a genuine desire to help others which is part of why her courses and videos are so good.
She guides you through topics gently, sharing her knowledge and personal experiences along the way.
The fact that she has overcome so many of her own challenges is both reassuring and inspiring.
I can't recommend her courses enough.
They really can change your life!

-Emma M, Participant of The Group Inner Work Course 2017

Kids Happiness Programme


The happiness workshops with Rhiannon have been brilliant for my 10 year old son, and for me too! The atmosphere is always so relaxed and friendly, and over the last few weeks he's really come out of his shell and developed a sense of self awareness...we've been coming to the home ed group and Rhiannon's teaching style, combined with the wonderful characters within the group have made this class top of my sons list! It's also given him the confidence to try new things, which he struggled with before. Would highly recommend these groups, for kids and adults.

- Alma S, Kids Happiness Programme, Workshop Participant 2017

Rhiannon's mindfulness classes are a great way to detach yourself from the rat race and focus on the important and valuable things in life. Not only great for kids but adults also. Lovely that they are often outdoor too to bring you closer to nature.

- Lucy F, Kids Happiness Programme, Workshop Participant 2017


The group has brought understanding and closeness between the family as a whole.
We have established good relationships which I am optimistic will last a lifetime, not only through meeting other families with the same objective as ourselves but also by those who have enlightened us by sharing their personal experiences.
You have been an inspiration to your family and others around you, thank you for including us on your journey.

- Laura M, Kids Happiness Programme, Workshop Participant 2017

Personal Coaching

I love my sessions with Rhiannon. It's so refreshing to find someone who gets so many aspects of my life (vegan, fruit, emotional and physical healing, single parenting, home education, probably other stuff too)!
But she's so accepting of differences between people, I'm pretty sure having none of those things in common would be no problem.
She's fun and easy to chat with, she's reminding me how awesome I am, and how awesome I am going to become. I actually already know quite a lot of the stuff she talks about but she's helping me organise it and put it to use, like a brain filing system!
I love having one thing to focus on between sessions - even when I don't manage to do the actual tasks, I notice changes happening just from having that one thing in the back of my mind. And she's always there when I need a bit of support (somehow, despite being busy being awesome... I suspect she's managed to clone herself), even just knowing that is a huge relief, like I'm not alone.

- Chloe C, Inner Work & Parenting Support 2017

I have been working with Rhiannon for a few months now and my experience has been incredible. As a healing mentor I teach my clients how to detox and get to the root of their illnesses but I still benefit tremendously from our sessions.
She is so organized and thorough with her follow ups and is very understanding when I miss or am late to a session. I feel so safe and comfortable with her, I can tell her anything and she helps me understand myself. Her parenting advice is right on and exactly what every mother needs to hear and implement. I have seen a huge improvement with my kids behavior and I am only doing a fraction of what she has told me to do. She has truly helped me learn more how to love myself and overcome the idea that I'm not good enough.
No matter how many times I slip back into self doubt and hate she is patient to gently guide me above such deep waters.
I feel like I have a real friend in her and I'm sure we will meet in person one day.
- Zoey J, Inner Work & Parenting Support 2016 - 2017

Want to chat about it?

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