Beautiful Raw Vegan Carrot Cake

A delicious mix of fresh and dried raw vegan ingredients, packed with flavour and overt fat free!!

It was my daughters 5th birthday earlier this week.
There was well over 50 children she wanted to invite to her party (not bad for a home ed-er, eh?)
So instead of trying to cram loads of people into my Mums garden, or having to leave out over half of her guest list, we decided to just have a chilled park party at the local splash park 
It was a lovely atmosphere with all the adult on the grass with blankets chatting as the children just free-ranged around with each other
And of course because it was a birthday it mean one more thing... Yep, cake time again.




On Easter I had made a carrot cupcake recipe,
but this was a chuck-it-all-in-together recipe, and although they looked and tasted great, I wanted something that was a bit more special for my daughters cake.

The carrot cake bite cupcake i made for Easter.

The funny thing about my recipes is they don't have as much planning as most people would expect!
I just have a rough idea of what i think i might do, the i just wing it,and see what gets made haha!
Often, like what happened in the case of making this recipe, I'll just change my mind or see that one thing isn't working right, and just adjust the recipe accordingly.

And I don't like using overt fats (like nuts, coconuts and avocado) in my recipes with sweet fruits as these can be very hard to digest together and may case digestive discomfort.
I also try to keep to food combining principles, although I'm not sure how well starch (in the carrots) combines with sweet and sub-acids fruits, but it seems to be ok in small amounts with me and my daughter.
So just see how your body feel with this food combination.

And so came this beautiful raw vegan carrot cake!


Ok, time for the recipe...

Ingredients you'll need:

1 kg of carrots,
375g dried white mulberries,
a large thumb of fresh ginger (20g when grated),
2 roots of fresh turmeric (15g when grated),
25 fresh sun dates,
3 fresh ripe bananas,
and any additionl spices you wish to add
(I would recommend 3/4 tablespoon cinnamon, 
1/4 tablespoon of Allspice
and 1/2 tablespoon of nutmeg
for the spices which would taste good, although I didn't add these to mine this time)

Equipment you'll need:

A food processor (especially with a grater piece),
A grater,
A cake tin or large tart dish.
My dish was 8 inches across the bottom, 10 inches across the top
and 1.75 inches deep.



For the crust


Blast the mulberries in the food processor until like crumbs.
Then remove the date pits and add 15 of the dates and mix until a dough like consistency (if your dried mulberries are very dry you may need more dates).


Then press the mixture into the bottom of the dish as your base.


For the filling


Finely grate the carrots (this is where the grater food processor attachment comes in handy, although it can be done by hand with a grater).
Cut the skin off and grate the ginger and turmeric with a hand grater (and the spices if you are adding them) and mix with carrot in food processor.
Then remove the date pits and add the remaining 10 dates to the food processor and mix until nice and sticky.



After you have a lovely spicey goey filling consistancy, add it on top of the crust and smooth over the top.

I found it really useful to break up and mush up, by hand, 13450136_721446784663563_6994284573189496056_nany remaining date bits which hadn't been mixed
in properly by the mixer.


I sliced up the 3 rips bananas and added them on top in overlapping circles, and sprinkles on some freshly grated carrot.

I then put the cake in the freezer for an hour or two to set.
You could put it in the fridg13537679_10154417617113690_8415864058812238409_ne overnight but I would suggest doing so without the bananas as they
 will oxidise and turn brown. (in the freezer bananas stay
looking fresh).


I wanted to have banana slices covering the whole top of the cake, but my daughter wanted a whole large carrot sticking out of the top of the cake.

So for a compromise we did it it way that I wanted so I could take a picture...

Then took them off and stuck a carrot in the middle.

It was her birthday and her cake after all.


And enjoy!

Lots of love Rhiannon xx


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Hope you have a beautiful day xxx

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