It was early in the morning and the sun had only just risen.
And that's when I was hit by a wave of inspiration and my head filled with beautiful words, and this poem came to be.

This is not the first time my mind has been struck with inspiration. 
It happens often.
The last time it happened was with the creation of The Kids Happiness Programme, which is an 11 step programme I created to teach children about spirituality.

I never in my life considered myself to be a "spiritual" person. I saw nothing wrong with those who did, but it just wasn't something I related to. 

But since going Raw Vegan and embarking on intense inner work, I honestly can't deny what I feel. 


I have developed an incredible spiritual side, that i never knew I had, and that i never knew I wanted.
After I had gone through an incredible journey to spirituality I turned everything I had learnt into a 11 step programme for adults.

After I had learnt about these wonderful spiritual and emotional healing practices, and after they had transformed my life, I began teaching my daughter about them.

I turned the adults happiness programme into a kids programme with fun worksheets, activities, positive affirmations and exercises.

I then taught the programme to local family groups and to my daughter.

The programme takes you on a journey through the 11 sections to first unravel painful emotions, then to  build up the love within you and then finally to go out into the world spreading that love and helping others.


The journey taken through the programme is as follows:
Week 1: Mindfulness- Learning about being in the present.
Week 2:Forgiveness- Learning to release the past.
Week 3: Lovable- Learn that you are always lovable.
Week 4: Openness- Learning to be open to the gifts of life.
Week 5: Self love- Learning to love and accept yourself exactly as you are.
Week 6: Gratitude- Learning to see the beauty and be grateful for all that is around us.
Week 7: Grounding- Learning that you are safe and secure and how to connect.
Week 8: Trust- Learning how to trust life and yourself through empowerment.
Week 9: Following your heart- Learning how to get back in touch with yourself.
Week 10: Passion- Learn about yourself and what you love.
Week 11: The Gift Of Giving Spreading happiness and love with random acts of kindness.

...And this is what the poem is about.

It is a poem and an open letter to my daughter.

And here it is...

The Conscious Child


Over my lifetime I’ve been working on me,
I’ve been learning about life and spirituality.

I want to pass on this wisdom to you my dear,
to help keep your heart strong and keep your mind clear.

Let’s start with awareness, let’s become conscious,
notice ourselves and this world all around us.

There is more to this place than what we can see,
the feelings, vibrations and all we can be.

Forgive my child, let go of the past.
Learn, but know, the pain need not last.

Absolve yourself, all the things you have done,
then everyone else, know we are all one.

And now that the block around your heart is down,
fill yourself up on the love all around.

Get ready for all of the blessings of being,
every sight, every smell, every sound, every feeling.

Your life is abundant and you are enough,
Fill your life with flow and not with stuff.

To be rich without riches, to be high without rule,
to dream without sleeping and to learn without school.

You always deserve peace and you always deserve love,
charge your soul up with light from within and above.

What do you love about you? Write and say.
And read it out to yourself everyday.

Send love around your body from your head to your toes.
Feel the love vibrating happiness wherever it goes.

Kiss your arms, hold yourself in embrace,
become your own best friend in any case.

Notice all that you have, and all that you are,
have your spirit shine gratitude out like a star.

Take my hand, my darling, let’s go find the beauty.
Explore all the patterns on the trunk of a tree.

Mindful we tread in connection to earth,
barefoot we ground, embracing the worth.

You are safe and secure, you are connected here.
You are united with the cosmos of which you endear.

So trust, my child, in whatever you do,
have faith in the universe, as the universe is you.

Within you is power, your life you help steer.
Try to keep your words strong, to believe and cohere.

Teachings of love and following your heart,
finding yourself and expressions through art.

Know how it feels when your heart calls out “YES!”,
it can be easy to ignore, to resist and suppress.

If you follow it’s call it will lead you through,
to your joy, to your dreams and to the real you.

Come join me in lotus, let’s clear our mind,
relax and make room, breathe and unwind.

Get back in touch with the language inside,
listen to your heart and make it your guide.

Here are some questions, don’t worry, take your time.
Slowly we’ll work through them like the grow of the vine.

These questions, dear child, help reveal you to you,
they lead you to your passions and help dreams come true.

Enjoy your life and do what you love,
grant yourself freedom and fly as the dove.

Take this happiness with you all through your days,
let it lift up your chin, let it brighten your ways.

And with a cup that is full of love and respect,
let it spill, flood the world, help them reconnect.

For now, sweet child, I give you the gift of giving,
sharing kindness and helping others raise their standards of living.

Take the love in your heart and go out to the street,
give thanks, bring smiles, help them pick up their feet.

Share all that I’ve taught you, bring love and bring light.
It will light up the shadows of mankind, so shine bright.

For you, my child, like all the others,
are unique and beautiful, you’re all sisters and brothers.

And remember to stay true to yourself and to yours,
you need not work for my approval, my dear, because,

no matter who you become or what you do,
my darling, my child, I will always love you.

Written by Rhiannon Griffin
For Molly xx

Thank you for reading!

The Poem turned into video!!

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    1. Ashlee Zink – 1. Ashlee Zink2. Spokane, WA3. Full time student, barista and current world traveler.4. The most wonderful in my life right now is my semester that I am spending living in Florence, Italy. Being out of my comfort zone and traveling from country to country has been an incredible experience so far!Also, haven’t talked to you since you took my Senior piu;cres&#8230tbut looking at your blog becomes a daily ritual for me and I am so happy with how successful you have become! You are definitely using your God given talents in this world

  1. These are the most beautiful words I’ve read in a long time, my heart did melt and moved me to tearfulness. Thank you for your inspiring words xx
    Shelleyx (mum to Thomas and Finley)

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